Zombie World - Part 2
Author : Martin Piotrowski
Publisher : Babelcube Inc.
Total Pages : 150
Release : 2022-07-20
ISBN 10 : 9781667437989
ISBN 13 : 1667437984
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Zombie World - Part 2 Book Description:

The fight in the Zombies dominated the world goes on. The Survivors on the Hanson Farm work on a new future. Tabea McTire, the leader, hurries other people in the vicinity to help. Her young friend Clarisse Stevens learns the love, but also problems, and Trouble with the adults. She goes with her friends on dangerous expeditions and cruises to Granby. The living dead are a serious threat, but nothing in comparison to a group of brutal Outlaws, popping up in the small town on the edge of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Clarisse comes to a conspiracy on the track, the objective of the Farm with the Survivors. But no one wants to believe her, not even her sister Tabitha. The Plan of the criminal threatens to rise, as Clarisse with your friends in the absence of Tabea a call for help from Granby follows. In a dramatic and bloody Showdown, the young girl is fighting in a battle in which there seem to be no Survivors...

Zombie World - Part 2
Language: en
Pages: 150
Authors: Martin Piotrowski
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2022-07-20 - Publisher: Babelcube Inc.

The fight in the Zombies dominated the world goes on. The Survivors on the Hanson Farm work on a new future. Tabea McTire, the leader, hurries other people in t
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